Haznet's Fallout Shelter: Webmaster Resource Clearinghouse
Last update: 04.04.00

This is the second iteration of the Shelter.
The term "webmaster" has come to encompass a myriad of skills and talents. Haznet's Fallout Shelter was built to provide a comprehensive index and rating of the best on-line web development resources. Like most of you, I am a self-taught student of the web, with sites like these for my textbooks. Any suggested improvements or additions are warmly welcomed.

Tip of the day: remember to renew your domain name registration so your site doesn't go down for a week!

Nuts and Bolts
HTML - JavaScript - Perl/CGI - CSS/DHTML 
Outer Limits
CFML  -   XML  -   SMIL       
Layout & Design - Graphics - Inspiration   
Power Tools
Validation - Optimization - Statistics   
What? Where?
Search Engines - Directories - References   
Trade Rags - Columns - E-Zines   

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